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i have a son in SWVRJA with 1 yr for check chrges

Resolved Question:

i have a son in SWVRJA with 1 yr for check chrges & 4 yrs for violation of parole 1st offense, original charge 2 counts schedule 2 narcotics. i am so confused as to his choices. I want him to stay at regional jail as a trustee & not go to prison. Is this possible? I do not understand why he was sentenced to 4 yrs for violation? His P.O. suggested rehab then chged her mind in courtroom. Also had a reconsideration trail with no change in time to serve. Why could he not get time cto run 2gether?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Mr Lofton replied 9 years ago.
This is entirely the judge's call based on the recommendation of the parole officer and the probation department - you really need to go in and sit down with them and (1) have them explain why your son got what he got; and (2) explain what can be done now to change the situation more to your liking.

Beyond that you will need to retain local counsel to force anything the parole and probation departments don't want to do for you, and/or contact and enlist the assistance of your elected representatives.

All the best,
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I talked to his court appointed lawyer just now and he states it is too late to appeal the sentencing now. He did not agree with the sentencing either. The probation officer herself just recently was caught with pills & is no longer his probation officer......she does sex offender probation now. Imagine. I guess it just may be too late to do anything at this point. Do you think it would help at all to write the judge? Do you feel it would help to contact other people or state representatives & who would this entail? As for the trustee situation, because he has 5 yrs he has to go to prison? the counselor at the jail says he cannot be a trustee in regional jail with that much time to serve.....he will have to request trustee in prison. I am way too frustrated with all this. On top of all this, he was charged with smoking, denied it, served papers at 4a & told to sign by C.O. but not told he had to mark a box to be present at his in jail court so they just came & got him, placed him in segregation/no visitation or calls for 10 days saying C.O. said he admitted to smoking. My frustration level is really growing with all this. Thanks for your help,
Expert:  Mr Lofton replied 9 years ago.

Try all of the above, yes. It's not "too late", since the judge could if he/she chose, waive the late filling of whatever could be filed now - sure your court appointed atty isn't blowing smoke on this one?

You need to spend some time on yourself here too. He may be gone for a good while and you need to find some peace for yourself in the meantime.

All the best,

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