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Some weeks ago a friend and I were preparing to jam on ...

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Some weeks ago a friend and I were preparing to jam on guitars out at the end of his dock. This took place about 3 in the morning and both of us were pretty buzzed. My friend handed me his prized $4000 guitar and told me to follow him. Little did I know that that I was supposed to have followed his EXACT steps because it turns out the dock had loose boards, one of which I stepped on and fell into the muddy marsh below. The guitar sustained considerable damage and my "friend" proceeded to go berserk. For a few moments I feared for my life. For a guitar of this caliber, the cost to repair it is substantial. Although I was holding the guitar when it was damaged, it seems to me that my friend should shoulder some of the responsibility for allowing me to hold the guitar while inebriated, much less carry it across a dilapidated dock in the dark of night. Is there any way to determine what percentage of responsibility is mine?

Hello, I am happy to answer your question.

I think under the circumstances you can consider this property damage to have resulted from an accident. You did not intentionally damage his guitar.

In the end, the problem for him will be that he has no insurance coverage for that guitar. As his friend, and someone who wants to do the right thing and maintain your relationship, you should probably offer to pay a portion of the money it will cost to either replace or repair it. I understand this is tough to swallow, but put yourself in his shoes. You were both a little buzzed so you were both equally making some decisions which lead to the guitar getting damaged.

Again, i don't see that this is your fault, but I would offer him something, half? 1/3? Maybe start by offering 1/3 and see if he is upset and then move to half.

I hope it works out.


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