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Several years ago I was taken to small claims court for ...

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Several years ago I was taken to small claims court for unpaid rent. It was a $1000.00 and I lived with two other people and had no lease. I was ordered to pay $25. monthly. which I did for a few months until I was taken back to pay more money monthly. I missed the court date(i had already been to court at least 3 times.) I''m not sure if I missed payments as well but I think I did. Anyway while I was in court testifying for a friend for something completely unrelated I was informed that I had a warrant for my arrest. I was cuffed and taken in a paddywagon to a super jail. I was pregnant at the time. I have never been in serious trouble with the law before. After this happened my life spun out of control. I lost the baby, my business, and tried to take my own life. I didn''t work and couldn''t go out and went for counselling. My life is back to normal now, after very hard work. I got home last night and her son called me and said they are putting this before the court again.?

Hello, I am happy to answer your question.

I am sorry for the struggles that you have gone through, but it sounds like everything is going to work out for you, if you can just get these people off your back.

Here are my thoughts. Call them and find out how much money is still owed. Is there any way you can pay it ALL off right now? Borrow it from a friend, whatever? Owing a friend is way better than owing these people.

Next, if you can't get the money, figure out the maximum amount per month you can afford, and just call them up, ask to sign an agreement with them. Offer as much as you can and say you can pay this to them right away.

In the end, if you keep going back to court, you will have to pay them this money. You are best off just giving it to them voluntarily and skipping the court part. Be sure to keep up with the payments and this should be over in no time!

I hope this was helpful and good luck.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Courtney's Post: Hi, Sorry I wasn't able to finish. He called me yesterday and said that each payment I have missed counts as a contempt. Should I be worried? Is this true or is he trying to scare me? Could there be a warrant? If there is how do I approach this so I don't get put back in jail?

Ok, so you have to attack this head on, you can't sit back and wonder what is happening when there is a potential warrant out for your arrest.

Call this guy, NOW, and tell him you are willing to fully cooperate. Ask him to accept a payment in FULL in exchange for stopping the proceedings.

You must do this, otherwise you will continue to live with this uncertainty.

Best of luck.


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