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Is there anything that I do about a neighbor who will not ...

Resolved Question:

Is there anything that I do about a neighbor who will not leave me alone? Twice in one week, he has had my son come and get me and has tried to get into my business. This last time I had cleaned out my garage and put everything on the curb for the city to collect as many other residents of our community have done and he has my son get me to tell me that six neighbors have called him and complained, they want me to get a container, and questions me about whether or not I let my dog run around and who the motorcycle in my garage belongs to. I have made a point of avoiding him over the years and my son ran from him once. I feel that we are being harrassed, perhaps even stalked. I have lived in the same house for 36 years and have been victim to a burglary, car theft, my dog suddenly passing away, etc. in the past year. I am really starting to become concerned with this person's interest in my family. What can I do?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Thomas Swartz replied 9 years ago.


Georgia's stalking statute, Official Code of Georgia § 16-5-90, provides in part as follows:

§ 16-5-90. Stalking

(a)(1) A person commits the offense of stalking when he or she follows, places under surveillance, or contacts another person at or about a place or places without the consent of the other person for the purpose of harassing and intimidating the other person.

If you believe your neighbor's conduct has arisen to this level, you can report him to the police for stalking.

You can also of course refuse him permission to enter onto your property. Or if you wish you can simply refuse to speak to him.

Good luck.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Thomas Swartz's Post: How would I prove this to the Police? My son is the only witness to this constant harrassment.
Expert:  Thomas Swartz replied 9 years ago.

That is a problem. You have your own testimony as well as your son's. If the police come out, you can simply tell them everything, and what they would probably do is just talk to your neighbor and warn him to stay away from you. They probably would not formally charge him with something unless he continues and ignores the police's warning.


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