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I restored my license in November 2007. I then had to ...

Resolved Question:

I restored my license in November 2007. I then had to retake the written and drivers test and received my license 11/28/08 from SC motor vehicle. I was not informed that i was suppose to go back and notify DMV that were license were restored when I they let me take the test and handed me my license. I shortly found out after being pulled over in Kingstree, SC. I was given a $650 because the claimed my license were never restored.A month before this incident I was assigned my a cop in Lexington, SC to drive for a friend that was driving without a license. He checked my license and appointed me to drive. If they were never restored, would not that cop inform me and leave us stranded because no one had a license? The day that i was to appear in court, i was arrested for having an open container and could not appear in court. ( once again, I was only charged for an open container, not a suspended license and was fined $200 then released. I sent an appeal letter, explaining the situation, w
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  LegalKnowledge replied 9 years ago.
Your license was probably suspended for failing to appear at your court date. If this was a mandatory court hearing, in front of a Judge, there could possible be a warrant issued on you, for failing to appear. This being the case, it is probably best to hire an attorney to help you with this situation. What needs to be done, is to file a motion to lift the warrant, re-set the court hearing, and lift the suspension on your license. In the motion, it needs to be stated why you missed the court date and other things, such as that you are not a flight risk, wish to resolve the case and have ties to the community. You may have to go with your attorney to court, so this can all be explained. Once the Judge receives this, they should put you back on their docket and you will be able to resolve the case. After you took the test on 11/28/08, you needed to pay a reinstatement fee, with the Clerk of Courts. As far as why the cop allowed you to drive, it could have been that the system was not updated with your suspension.
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