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Hello, I feel as though our community

Customer Question

>   I feel as though our community association is taking
> advantage of us. We have a house on two lots with 2
> seperate assestments. We only received 1 bill this year and
> I matched the amount to the online statement and also have
> email conformation of the amount owed. We received an
> additional bill and contacted the office by email and was
> told it was a mistake and that we have a zero balance. (We
> were unable to call as no one ever answered the phone and I
> stopped by the office 3 seperate times with no one there to
> answer my questions.) We received a second bill a month
> later and again contacted Susan Kassik at the office via
> email and was assured we didn''t owe anything. This
> month we received another bill with interest and collection
> fees. I spoke with Susan and this time it was actually
> looked into and she said this was for our second lot. I
> asked if the fees could be waived based on the confusion
> and she denied. I contacted the board of directors who also
> ruled that the fees wouldn''t be waived even though I
> have several emails stating a zero balance that they
> didn''t even look at. I dropped a check for the
> principal amount and I received it back in the mail
> yesterday. Kim at the property association (Vanmor) thought
> the fees should be waived and had no problem waiving them if
> the board of directors gave her the ok. I have just had a
> baby and I am in nursing school so life it pretty stressful
> and I just paid the bills I thought were due in the amount
> that was proved. I feel as though I have numerous emails
> stating a zero balance and because I was in constant
> contact, how can they assess collection fees? Why
> didn''t they cash my check on the principal amount?
> I''m not even sure why I pay on the 2nd lot, no house
> could ever be put there as my house sits too close to the
> lot division line. We should pay the same as anyone else in
> the neighborhood as the assestments go to beautify it and
> provide the pools. This
> matter is keeping me from obtaining my pool passes as my
> check was returnded (so they can assess more fees, I
> assume) This was alot of confusion and should have been
> looked into by the property manager or fees waived because
> it wasn''t Please advise.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Mr Lofton replied 9 years ago.

If the fees are legitimate and are owed, then they have no legal obligation to withdraw them just because they made a mistake and showed you at a zero balance. If I were you I would work on Kim and get her advice - maybe a letter to the Board of Directors explaining your situation would be of help, and Kim might be able to help you with it. Depending on how the board is, you migh consider having alawyer write them a tough letter, if you think they might prefer to waive the fees instead of facing a lawsuit. I leave it up to you on whether you think you'll get more flies with honey than vinegar.

All the best,