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Not married but lived together for the last 12 years. My ...

Customer Question

Not married but lived together for the last 12 years. My partner agrees to make a written agreement of providing support for my life time. Please send me a sample document of life time financial support agreement for all my need. Thank you.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  NO LEGAL ADVICE WAS GIVEN BY ME replied 9 years ago.
Does this need to conform to any court proceeding? Are children involved? Is he to provide 100% of your support for a lifetime? Are you going to stay together or is this part of a break-up?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
No court proceeding at this point. No child involved between two of us but she has a xx year old son that I have been rasing just like my son. Yes she will provide 100% of my support for a lifetime. We are going to stay together. There will be no problem of support while we are staying together but I asked to make this document to grantee the life time 100% support in the case we break-up. Last xx years, I having spending all my time handing family affair (e.g. investment, managing 24/7 nursing care for her husbund--he asked me to live in with his family and take care of all affairs and promised to take care of me for my life). I asked to add memo in their trust statement but his laywer told that since I am the successor trestee that can cause conflict of interest. So, he suggested to have a seperate agreement of support and asked me to provide a proposal agreement document which include the conditions that I want to include in the agreement. So, I would like to provide him an proposal agreement that grantees my life time 100% support even in the case I am not living with them. Currently, I am comitted to continue to live with her after her husbund's death. But last xx years we had a lot of occations of arguments including comments of seperation. xx years ago, I was paid first a few months after that no payment but provided all the expenses (gas, food, etc). Becase of my help, this family avoided break-up, and husbund is still alive although doctors estimated to live 2 to 5 years of life expectance after his accident 12 years ago. I care for them and I take care of their son just like my son (I don't have any child of my own). But occational argument with his wife gave me unsecure feeling about future althought they alway promised me to take care of me for life and that is the reason we are making this agreement. I am 55 years old. The husbund is 74 and wife is 48 and son is 13. The husbund has 3 son with his previous marriage.
Expert:  NO LEGAL ADVICE WAS GIVEN BY ME replied 9 years ago.
Thank you for the additional information. You say you are her partner, so is this a domestic relationship? And what State do you live in? It's going to be very difficult to determine what 100% support actually consists of. There may be some state laws that guide the way. So just answer will need the state you reside in, and I assume you are female? And that you have no other relationship with the husband and wife? Who will sign this document? The husband or the wife, your partner?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Is there any way we can communicate with privacy? I want provide detailed information but don't want to publish on open web-site.