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Hello can I hold a auto shop responsible for lost time ...

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Hello can I hold a auto shop responsible for lost time when my truck they worked on failes. they rebuilt the motor and I drove 1100.00 miles and the engine failed now I have lost my job, and up to date have lost one weeks wages. They did a faulty job and another shop is documenting there mistakes.

If the shop was negligent and/or simply did not do the repair they promised, then you can hold them liable for all of the "reasonably forseeable" consequences of their failure and that would include not only the aditional expenses to repair the truck, but your lost income which results from the loss of the truck. I assume you will get a new job and should you should not expect to get paid by the repair shop shile you sit at home, but rather you should be looking for a new job because in a case like this you are required to do what you can to lessen the impact - what we call "mitigating damages".

All the best,

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Mr Lofton's Post: I have no choice about finding a new job my work depends on my truck and the tools it hauls and, I am stuck out of my home area. Yes i will be able to go to a new job after my truck is returned to me. For now ther faulty work is costing me income.
Good luck, I hope you have "accept"ed my answer!
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
You havent answered my question. You gave me a blanket answer. Is it possible to hold them responsible for my lost wages.

YES - but you must prove that yoou lost the wages because of the shop's negligence and not for any other reason!

All the best,

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