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I dont know what I can do legally

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ok i will try to make this as short as possible. I had a friend /family member who lost a baby i paid for tombstone also gave $100 to come down to ga from wv but while she was here she stole my pain medication i had left over from oral surgry, even other meds too,my great grandmother''s pearls,drugged my husband with valium . then after forcing her to leave after almost 2 weeks i started getting harrassing phone calls from another family member and they stopped for a while now i am getting more, problem is i have no proof other than what her bf told me and she told me herself which he didn''t tell me until after they broke up. this happened approx end of october but now she won''t stop is there any legal action i can do b/c i am not the first nor the last person she will do this to. Also I have papers where she wrote down my ssn and credit card info but i did cancel them and put idenity guard on my ssn

You can file charges against her for theft and for harassment. As for the theft issue, sometimes all you have is circumstantial evidence. Maybe she was the only person who had access to the items, etc. That may be your only proof. It will be up to the police and/or magistrate judge as to whether or not any charges can be filed because of the lack of evidence.

As for the harassment issue, you can also file charges for that. If she is harassing you over the telephone, once you file charges, the police can subpoena your phone records very easily. You can also file charges against her for identity theft regarding your credit card and ss#. If anyone else has seen or heard her do any of these things, they can be named as witnesses in the prosecution of the case. I

f you are having difficulty getting cooperation from the police, go to the magistrate judge and ask to swear out a warrant. The judge will hear your explanation of the facts and decide whether or not enough evidence exists to have a hearing for the warrant. The problem you will have is that she is in West Virginia and you are in Georgia. The judge in Georgia can issue a warrant because the crimes occurred in Georgia, but when they serve her for the hearing, she will probably not return to Georgia for the hearing willingly. If that happens, the judge can issue a bench warrant and she can be arrested the next time she enters the state or the warrant can be transferred to WV and she can be arrested there.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

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