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In 1996 i was in an auto accident in Pa. I hit a woman in ...

Resolved Question:

In 1996 i was in an auto accident in Pa. I hit a woman in the rear. Three or four years later I got a letter from a lawyer saying I was being sued for I think it was $60,000.00. I decided that when we went to court I would just give my story and let happen what happen. I could not afford a lawyer. I heared nothing after that. I moved to Ohio, got Ohio License. Acouple of years after I moved to Ohio I got a letter informing me that my Pa. License was suspended because of a judgment against me. Now I need to re-    new my Ohio license and can''t because Pa.has a hold on my           license. I called Pa. they said I had to pay off the judgment before   they will take the hold off. I called the lawyer they told me to call but he did not return my call. My question is, How can Pa. suspend a license a had already given up and keep me from re-newing my Ohio license.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Lawrence N. Rogak, Insurance Atty replied 9 years ago.

Your Pennsylvania license should not have been suspended based on failure to pay a judgment. The usual grounds for suspension are:

  • Accumulating for the second time six or more points on your license.
  • Failure to stop for a school bus with flashing red lights.
  • Driving under the influence could lead to immediate suspension, depending on your blood alcohol content (BAC) and whether or not you're a repeat offender.
  • Failure to attend a PennDOT hearing after being ticketed for driving 31 mph or more over the speed limit.

Suspensions usually last a fixed amount of time and can then be lifted by filing an application for reinstatement and paying a fee.

I am wondering if your license was suspended not because of the judgment, but because you had no insurance.

The first thing you should do is apply for reinstatement of your PA license. If that fails, you are going to have to bring an action in the Court of Common Pleas of the county in Pennsylvania where you were living. A list of addresses for the courts in each county can be found here:

When you were sued, you should have given the lawsuit papers to your auto insurance company. That's what you have insurance for. Now, being 12 years later, it is too late to get your insurance company involved.

Start with the DMV in Pennsylvania. Good luck!


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