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An verbal agreement was made with my husband and his ...

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An verbal agreement was made with my husband and his clients to build their home. My husband has taken out the building loan and has paid for initial start-up costs of the home. His clients have decided not to continue with the home. How do we recoup our funds that have been used? Can we sue them for costs without the aide of an attorney?
You need to send them a certified letter demanding payment within 30 days or contact with in 10 to make payments. If you hear nothing after that time then file a civil action against them in the court where the property is located or where they live; you can contact the Clerk of Court for these forms. You can sue for the monetary damages incurred for the work that was done, breach of contract, court costs, recovery fees, etc. You do not have to have an attorney for this type of situation and if you are awarded judgment and they refuse to pay, you can file to have a lien placed on the property they have including the land you were building this home on, their current home, etc.
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