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I have been sued for an old credit card balance and a ...

Customer Question

I have been sued for an old credit card balance and a judgement was entered against me. I set up a temporary payment plan for $75 for the first 3 months. Upon completion of those terms, I spoke to the attorneys representing the credit card company and told them that I really could not afford to pay a higher amount but that I was willing to continue to pay $75 to resolve the balance. They did not accept my offer and are now threatening to garnish my wages in the amount of $300+ dollars a month. This will put me in a very bad financial situation and I''m already behind on my mortage. What are my options/legal rights in this regard? Thanks
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  rvlaw replied 9 years ago.


If they have a judgement already there really isn't much you can do. If there was any irregularity in getting the you weren't served with the could make an application to vacate the judgment. Another suggestion is to try a consumer credit counseling bureau who may be able to negotiate the card debt down to a lower amount.