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if i was cited for criminal speeding and no ...

Customer Question

if i was cited for criminal speeding and no othercitations on the ticket can i becharged with anything elsenot on the ticket
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  4ren6 replied 9 years ago.
Not on that specific ticket. But if things came to be known after the fact of the incident they can issue additional citations for such. Example. Citation for speeding. Blood drawn for possible DUI. A Dui citation could be added on top of the first citation after the BAC came back. reply if needed.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to 4ren6's Post: i had a street walker in my car and she ended up telling the cop that the offer was 20$ for oral.but i said that didn't happen.the only citation i got was for the criminal speeding.he said before giving me the ticket that im going to my car and give you every ticket i can.he then came back with thespeeding ticket and thats it.can i becharged with anything else.shewas not cited and we left together.
Expert:  4ren6 replied 9 years ago.
If he did not charge you with solicition and did allow you to leave together then it would appear he cut you a break and no further charges should be forthcoming. If he was goig to have done anything he would not let her leave with you...........
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
should not be more charges but i was wondering if at the court date will he be there automaticly or is it just a court date for me to enter a plea.and can he bring that up and could the judge ask me about it and do i have to answer about it or just say what am i charged with?can i be charged with it at all?its not on the ticket can it come into play?
Expert:  4ren6 replied 9 years ago.
The officer should be at the court date unless your not contesting it. The officer may bring up the situation that caused the right to pull you over. But as mentioned. If he did not site you then for soliciting then on the spot and even then allowed you to leave with the person then you should have no worries. A citation for the solicitation and removal of that person should have been this point it is hear say on his part......I can only send this as an answer.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
i do not have a chance to not contest it i have a court date to appear option of just paying the speeding ticket is given just the speeding ticket and a cout you think he will be there or only at a later date if i appeal or say not guilty
Expert:  4ren6 replied 9 years ago.

what is the actual citation code on the state criminal speeding. What is the citation code number listed.