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My partner and i have separated,and while together I ...

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My partner and i have separated,and while together I supported him, as he was awaiting the outcome of a work-related accident payout settlement,during our time together he accidentally wrote off 3 of my cars in accidents etc, so when he got his payout he bought me a car in replacement,.now we have separated he wants this car back, note: the car was bought in my name, and is registerd in my name,he states to me the car is really hisas he paid for it out of his bank account, my question is am i obliged to hand the car over to him as he wants, or is it rightfully Mine

Dear Madam,

Were ou legally married or in a defacto relationship?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
not in either way.. we chose to live separately even though we share a child as he had lots of mental issues to work our for himself,

Dear Madam,

Normally, where a person has title, registration and posession of a vehicle then the vehicle, in legal terms, belongs to that person. In this type of situation it is usually much less expensive, stressful and time consumng for both parties if some sort of amicable negotiated settlement can be reached. However, even if he did argue that there was some sort of agreement between you that he would retain ownership of the vehicle and mount a legal action to enforce this, you could look at countering this claim with a claim for the value of the damages owing to you as a result of your cars having being destroyed earlier on. Whatever the outcome, I cannot give you formal advice because I am not liscened to practice in your state, I can only give you general information. A family lawyer who would be able to issue you with professional advice can be found here:

Auditore Specialist Family Lawyers

4th Floor,XXXXXMelbourne (Corner of Little Lonsdale Street)
near Flagstaff Station and Family Court of Australia

Telephone: (+613) 9670 9677
Fax: (+613) 9602 2267
Email: [email protected]

I hope that this is helpful.



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I just replied and told you that we didnt live together, as he had a few issues to work out for himself, as i havent heard back yet i am checking if you got that message or you were still waiting for me to reply.. thank you
Yes, I have replied.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
It seems our replies overlaped . i just want to thank you for your trouble, the advice you have given me was enlightening
thank you
You are welcome.