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Winston Mortain
Winston Mortain, Lawyer.
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I am currently in a situation with my now ex-landlord.

Customer Question

I am currently in a situation with my now ex-landlord. I had a one year lease, with 60 days move out notice. In December after I had graduated college I had applied for a Job...I decided that I wanted to move out but to break the lease it would cost me more than to keep it. Esp since I did not give 60 days notice.So I decided to give them a written notice as instructed by one of the office assistants. I typed up a letter and dropped it off before leaving for Christmas break. Well my lease ended as of 3/31...the week before I e-mailed the girl providing her with my forwarding address. The management team told me that I had not given my notice even thoug I had done so right before christmas.Now they are telling me that I owe them at least 1200 dollars bc I don''t have the acknowledgement letter as proof that I had given my notification. I don''t have a fighting chance. Is there anyway that I can fight this w/o paying the money. I don''t want it to sit on my record if i delay.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Winston Mortain replied 9 years ago.

You gave them a 60 day notice around Christmas to be effective the end of March? But they claim they didn't get it?

The lease requires a 60 day notice or it becomes a month-to-month?

I think you might have pretty good evidence that you delivered the notice. You discussed doing it with the office assistant (a possible witness) at the time. Did you make a copy of the letter, or save the text on the computer? Can you describe the person you dropped it off with?