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I am being mistreated at work, my boss get angry alot and I ...

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I am being mistreated at work, my boss get angry alot and I AM AT THE POINT THAT MY BODY HURTS because of the stress. I feel like whenever I am around her I have to walk on eggshells. I told the store manager and her manager and I sent her an e-mail saying that I want to be treated in a proffessional manner with dignity and respect. I try to talk to her in person but I get answrers like ''Im sorry that your job is so hard'', The only thing hard is letting her be rude to me. HELP


You have a couple of options here your first step is to file a formal complaint with your supervisor about the issue. If the owner is your supervisor make sure you do this in writing and ask for a formal hearing on the matter.

If the situation is not resolved or your employer retaliates due to the complaint you have the right to seek counsel from a civil lawyer in your area to go over your plan for a judgment against your employer for allowing the harassment to continue in the work place. If he terminates your employment you have a case for wrongful termination as well.


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