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10 current issues with little or no stare decisis

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  1. Second Amendment Rights - people think they know what it means, but the Supreme Court has NEVER made a decision on this Amendment, so we do not yet truly know what rights, if any, the Second Amendment gives people about guns
  2. Internet Jurisdiction - several different federal appeals courts have come up with their own way to determine which state laws apply when a consumer makes an Internet purchase, but there is not one single, prevailing view on which state laws apply to a consumer purchase made in state X from an Internet store in State Y
  3. Does a woman have a right to an abortion - Roe v. Wade and other cases have NOT settled that and Roe was decided under the rights of the DOCTOR to make a decision to provide an abortion, not on a woman's right to demand one
  4. Right to fertilized embryos - when married couples, single persons, etc. agree to fertilize eggs outside the womb, but later either divorce or one changes their minds, which one of them has the right to decide what happens to the embryos
  5. Male parental rights - does a man have a right to prevent a female from getting an abortion if she wants one, whether or not they are married
  6. Was the refusal of Harriet Myers to testity before Congress unconstitutional - not yet questioned nor tried, although the Nixon era did provide many similar cases
  7. Eminent domain - is any private taking, under eminent domain, able to be construed as for "public benefit" after Kelo v New London case
  8. Prison overcrowding - is this cruel and unusual punishment
  9. State rights - do the states have any right to create laws that discriminate, fail to provide protection to, or otherwise are against illegal aliens
  10. Illegal Alien rights - states and federal law have said illegals have some rights to schools, payment for work they do, etc., but, do they have US Constitutional rights equal to legal aliens or American citizens
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