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I received a letter in the mail from a law firm ...

Resolved Question:

I received a letter in the mail from a law firm representing an individual for personal injuries and property damage sustained in an automobile accident, which occurred three years ago. At the time I was driving a company vehicle and turned all information over to the company. There was only a slight dent in the tailgate and no injuries reported. A state trooper wrote a no fault report and said to turn it over to the insurance company. I have not heard any thing about the claim in the three years. I changed jobs a year after the incident. Who should I contact?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Ray replied 9 years ago.
I would write them and inform them that it was a company vehicle and that they should contact your former employer. Otherwise you are not obligated to furnish any other information and I would advise you not to do so. They may in fact be fishing for whatever information they can find out about the matter. Obviously your former employer had coverage. You might want to take the time and see if you can order a copy of the no fault report. You should be able to give the dmv or whoever the trooper writes the reports for the date of the accident or come pretty close and locations,etc. It's also possible that they got denied coverage and are fishing for more information or another pocket in the matter. Thanks for your question and I hope I've given you some ideas in the matter..
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