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Who owns this cat

Resolved Question:

In October 2006 a woman came to one of my volunteer organization''s adoptathons and handed a volunteer a carrier with two cats in it. She said we had to take them because her new daughter was allergic. She''d been keeping them outside but they were declawed and were getting beaten up by other cats. I took pity on her and took them in.

In December of 2006 she insisted on coming to my house to visit them. I let her but told her then I''m really not a people person and did not want it to become a habit.

Last Friday she called my former employer and said she had a dream and wanted to know if her cats were O.K.. He emailed me, I told him they were fine and took her telephone number.

Tuesday of this week she showed up at my house. My son told her the cats were fine and she left.

This morning (Saturday) she arrived at 9 AM and rang the bell and pounded on the door until I got our of bed.

She wants the cats back, she thinks her daughter is all better.

Who owns the cats?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Ray replied 9 years ago.
My sympathy to you in this situation. Based on the information provided these are your cats. They were not a conditional gift. The owner indicated at the time she delivered them at the time she delivered them that she did not want them and gave them up. The problem here is how much hassle with a crazy woman are you prepared to endure over these cats. The law is on your side but since they live with you and this crazy woman apparently has a lot of information about where you live and work you will need to be prepared to call the police in the matter. advise her that if she comes around again you will do that and of course stick to your guns in the matter, You might also want to have them vaccinated in your name and microchipped, if there is an ownership dispute or they get lost this would validate your ownership especially if you have to get the police involved int he matter. Thanks for your question and I wish you good luck in the matter..
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