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My husband passed away. Am I responsible for the ...

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My husband passed away. Am I responsible for the balance due on Credit Cards that are issued in his name only, I was not listed as a user?
No if the cards were in his name only,only his estate if there is one will be liable for his debts. If the estate has no property or assets, then no one will open one and the debts will remain uncollectable. It's all part of a credit card company doing business. They charge higher rates because they have right offs in situations like these all the time. Thanks for your question and good luck to you...
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
There is not a will in place, the life insurance is the basic amount through his employer. Is this what would be considered his "estate" and payment would then be expected?

Do you have any advise about autos? We were married and was leasing 1 vehicle and buying a 2nd. The lease has 1 1/2 yrs remaining and would like to terminate the lease without penalty?
No the life insurance pays to the named payee--you without probate. The lease if it was in his name only-tell them he died and turn it in, you're not liable,if jointly negotiaite and end to lease with company is about the best you're gonna do. If you were buying the second in both names, maybe contact the lender and tell them no probate how can they transfer to your name only...