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I sold a 1997 boat on ebay to someone in Virginia not and I ...

Resolved Question:

I sold a 1997 boat on ebay to someone in Virginia not and I live in Connecticut.The person keep the boat for over thirty day now he is suing me because he says his mechanic told his the boat has a cracked engine block. When i sold the boat i gave the man a dicount for the only know problem the boat had which was leaking manifold.Now he is suing me for $5000 which is the price of the boat plus shiping cost plus mechanic costs.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Ray replied 9 years ago.
This is a tough situation. Yes I think you need to review this matter with a lawyer as soon as possible. You need to try and find for him the e-bay ad, this would be important especially if there were questions from bidders, etc. Generally used boats or sold as cars on an as is basis, this would be in your favor.It depends on what information was in the ad and any other information that existed about the boat. Your lawyer would need to prepare an answer to the lawsuit you may have several procedural defenses aswell if he's suing you in his state because it's arguable that you're doing business there. This is something that has to be plead in a Special Appearance before an answer is filed otherwise you waive it. So again you can see that it is critical to have lawyer review the matter and respond to your suit and claim all defenses possible. The state bar has a lawyer referral service, tell them you are looking for someone who has specialization in contracts and internet sales/ebay.Thanks for the question and I hpe this gives you some information in the matter..
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