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mississippi-my wife had a prescription for ...

Customer Question

mississippi-my wife had a prescription for hydrocone that she said she could''nt take because they made her high so i took them for heel spurs that i had and refilled them twice without her we are splitting up and she is threatening me with this for leverage in the divorce. did i commit a crime and what could come of it?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Ray replied 9 years ago.
My sympathy for our situation. It's possible that you committed a crime. It is unlikely if there was a valid prescription that this is a probable offense. If you just dropped off the prescription your argument would be that it was for her benefit/need because she had a prescription. Also if the prescription pills exist, might be a good time to dispose of the pills. This might have the effect of further resolving the issue. This really would not gain her nay massive amount of leverage in a divorce action. Generally the courts grant anyone that wants one an uncontested divorce and divides up the assets/debts. There is always a lot of he said/she said but this isn't really that major a deal in my mind. If you feel a divorce is in your best interests then stick to your guns. Thanks for your question and good luck