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Attempting to transfer my deceased fathers auto (car ...

Customer Question

Attempting to transfer my deceased father's auto (car registered in KY) to me, a CA resident. Kentucky title transfer was filled out and mailed to me, for my notarized signature. CA notary told me it is state law that he cannot sign on the auto title itself, because the proper notary language is not printed there -- CA law specifies that notary must attach a separate document. So that's what we did. When I mailed the notarized title transfer form back to Kentucky, the county clerk's office refused to put the title in my name, saying that the separate notary sheet was not acceptable, that the title itself, not a separate sheet, must have the notary stamp on it. So CA legally can't do what KY insists they must do, and as a result, we cannot get the vehicle transferred. The CA notary said that all other states have agreed to accept this separate document, but KY says they've never heard of this. Who is in the wrong? What approach should I take to resolve this?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  truthfinder replied 9 years ago.

The BEST resolution to this would be to go there (to Kentucky) to have the documents notarized or contact someone in another area that is more familiar with such discrepancies. The Notary Institute states the following in their FAQs HERE:

QAm I allowed to attach a separate piece of paper with the notarial wording, my signature, and seal, on the document with the person's signature? If so, does it matter how its attached (staple, paper clip, adhesive, etc.)?
AYes. It should be stapled. Be sure you use an attribution clause at the bottom of the sheet so that it cannot be removed from the document and attached to a different one. The attribution clause should indicate the type and date of document it is attached to.

QIf there is not a place on a document to notarize, can I add an attachment? If so, what must the attachment state so that it refers to the document being notarized?
AYou may legally add attachments. They should include at the bottom an attribution clause that states the type of document it is attached to or the title of the document, the number of pages, and the date of the document.

Qhow do you notarize title transfers for a vehicle
ARemember you notarize signatures not documents. You notarize the signature on a vehicle title the same as any other signature. You will probably want to use a jurat because the person is probably swearing to an odometer reading.

QWhat is the difference between jurat and acknowledgment
AIn an acknowledgment the signer needs to merely acknowledge his/her signature. They could have signed it even years ago. In a jurat the signer needs to sign in the notary's presence after being put under oath to the truthfulness of the information they are signing to by the notary.
Qwhat do you make someone swear to on a jurat
AThey swear that the information they are about to put their signature to is true and correct.
Sample" Do you swear or affirm the statements in your document are true?"
You may want to contact the Kentucky Office and ask if they will accept the jurat as from what I read of the law, it is Kentucky that is "behind the times" on this issue, but with the jurat you may be able to get this worked out..
Expert:  truthfinder replied 9 years ago.

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