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I rent a mobil home, my water froze a week ago, I told the ...

Resolved Question:

I rent a mobil home, my water froze a week ago, I told the owner about it , he came and tried to help me dig out where he thought it might be, we put heat on it and it is still frozen up. Now he says for me to read my rental agreement that it is up to me to fix. I find nothing in the agreement to this effect.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law808 replied 9 years ago.


I'm am certain that there is nothing in your agreement that you are liable to repair plumbing unless you specifically caused the damages to the property. The only other way would have been that your landlord specifically outlined maintenance for this particular problem, and you had disregarded it.

However, keep in mind that the best way to resolve any issue is to keep it as civil and non-threatening as possible. Your ultimate goal is to have this repair done to restore your daily life as quickly as possible.


Residential rental units in Oregon must meet certain standards for the safety and wellness of tenants. In addition to proper livable conditions, each unit must have hot and cold running water. They should all be connected to appropriate sewage systems adequate for normal use and in good working order.

You responsibility is basically what you've done. Bring these problems to your landlord and have him remedy the situation. He is responsible for meeting the above stated standard, which is to have the water running properly.

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