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Virginia Law on Returns We purchased an Alternator

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Virginia Law on Returns: We purchased an Alternator ($313.45) from Tysons Dodge - Jeep for our Jeep. Installed it and the truck still does not work. Took it to repair shop and Mechanic/Owner told us that the Alternator is defective. Upon trying to return this alternator, the Jeep parts/dealer tells us that because it is electrical, and a special order part that the alternator will not be able to be returned. I am trying to find out if we have choices on what we can do to get our money back and return the defective alternator to the Jeep dealer. The alternator purchased was for a new, factory part not a rebuilt alternator. PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND UNLESS YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH VIRGINIA LAWS AND LAWS ON RETURNS. Thank you.

This is an easy one:

You draft a demand letter to both the dealer and mechanic on the same letterhead and inform them both that they fail to refund your money by a specific date, you will seek relief from court via filing a small claims court complaint.

Gather all supporting evidence to prepare for your trial date such as witnesses and documents to present to the judge.

You will win this one easily. They can't expect you to pay for something that was defective.

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