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My employer came into the Customer Service area and yelled ...

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My employer came into the Customer Service area and yelled at me "Ive had it up to here (pointing to the neck area) with you. You just don''t seem to get it." I have only been working for 44 days with this company and of those days 19 have been by myself with no supervision. The employer constantly changes procedures and then yells if some one doesn''t do things right. I felt persaonally attacked and completely humiliated . What recourse do I have??


You have a couple of options here your first step is to file a formal complaint with your supervisor about the issue. If the owner is your supervisor make sure you do this in writing and ask for a formal hearing on the matter.

If the situation is not resolved or your employer retaliates due to the complaint you have the right to seek counsel from a civil lawyer in your area to go over your plan for a judgment against your employer for allowing the harassment to continue in the work place. If he terminates your employment you have a case for wrongful termination as well.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
As I stated before in my response, I feel that he is bi-polar and really doesn't get the whole situation at hand. Every employee has been verbally attacked in the past and they just say all you can do is just let him be. The fact that it is a company with less than 25 employees doesn't help either. All three customer service employee have decided that we would pick a day and all walk out at the same time. If nothing else, I can always quit. There is no office procedure book or policy or any structure whatsoever. I have been working for over 40 years and have never faced anyone with such poor office ethics. Thanks again for your help.