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In Georgia, is it permissable to make a Left Turn onto ...

Customer Question

In Georgia, is it permissable to make a Left Turn onto a One Way Street after coming to a stop at a Red Light, and then with a blinker on to Turn Left onto that street. I was circling a block in downtown Atlanta and had just turned Left onto a One Way Street after coming to a stop at a Stop Sign. The hidden Officer said that my first Left Turn was OK, but I had ''run the Red Light'' on the second Left Turn even though I had stopped before turning and there was no traffic!
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  truthfinder replied 9 years ago.

A right turn on a red light is usually permissible if there is no sign stating otherwise, but usually there is no left turn on red permissible unless there is a sign stating that there is. Basically you normally can not turn left on a red light unless there is a sign at the light that clearly states "Left Turn on Red Allowed" or something similar. However, in the Georgia State Driver's Manual on page 40, #13 states:

13. It is permissible to make a left turn on a red signal from the left lane of a one way street only onto a one way street on which the traffic moves toward the driver's left. You must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and other traffic, proceeding as directed by the signal at such intersection.

Go HERE to read more.

So, basically, your state driver's manual is saying you can make a left on a red light onto a one way street as long as the other situation is appropriate.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX indicated in my original request that I already had that information.
Not additional information as I was requesting.
Thank you.
Expert:  truthfinder replied 9 years ago.
I apologize but you did not specify what information you had, just simply that you had visited the DMV site. If you had this information I am not sure what else you would be looking for as that is the law. The second one I provided was something even I was not aware of and I live in Georgia so I assumed most people didn't know the specifics of that particular law. As these are the laws as described by the DMV and what the police use as their guide for such traffic offenses, there isn't anything else to provide you unless you have more specific questions and can tell me more of what it is you are looking for if not the law.