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J D Haas
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A plumber overcharged me by $695 to install 3 faucets from ...

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A plumber overcharged me by $695 to install 3 faucets from his verbal estimate. There was no written estimate. He broke the third faucet and did not install it.The third faucet cost $795. Another plumber had to be hired to determine first plumber broke a part on the faucet, rather than defective part as first plumber said. Then first plumber filed mechanic's lien for $990 against my condo. What can I do against this thief?Second plumber will testify or provide written opinion that first plumber actually owes me money for breaking faucet and hiring plumber to fix it.Request J.D. Haas
In what state do you live?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Here are some options: 1)small claims court. The jurisdictional limit is $7500.00. Get the 2nd plumber to testify or at least to write a letter stating the plumber's opinions. Here is small claims court information:

In the small claims court you can ask for an order removing the lien and an adjudication that you do not owe the plumber anything, but that the plumber owes you.

2) Attempt to negotiate with the plumber. 3) See if the plumber would engage in a process like mediation in which an independent person will attempt to resolve the case.
4) Hire an attorney and sue the plumber in district court. In district court, if you prevail, you can get an order removing the plumber's lien. Good luck.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Is there a time limit I have to respond to the lien in small claims court? I vaguely recall somewhere reading there was a 60 or 90-day limit to respond to a contractor's lien. I will go to small claims court. Thanks.
I cannot answer that question about the lien. I would file your case immediately and try to resolve everything at once. Good luck.
J D Haas and other Legal Specialists are ready to help you