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What exactly does no adequate remedy at law ...

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What exactly does ''no adequate remedy at law'' mean when used in the explanation of a summons?

The phrase "no adequate remedy at law" means that the plaintiff will be seeking equitable relief. Historically, under common law, courts were divided between courts of law and courts of equity. Courts of law could provide money damages for legal harms. Courts of equity could force parties to do certain things, or stop doing certain things to correct a problem.

Today, most states have done away with this division and a court can provide either money damages or equitable relief. However, this phrasing is often still used.

Put in plain language, this means that the plaintiff believes that money damages will not fix the problem and wants the court to do something.

This would be expected in a partition suit since the plaintiff is requesting equitable relief of altering ownership of real property, either ordering sale of property or requiring one party to buy out the other.

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