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I signed a one year lease, we moved in on the 31st, when we

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I signed a one year lease, we moved in on the 31st, when we signed the lease on the property the place was dirty, there were garbage bags in the garage, and the landlord told us also in a shed, he assured us that he was having the carpets professionally cleaned and was hiring a cleaning crew prior to us moving in so we signed the lease. We are here now and the garbage is still in bags in the garage, and we found outside the back door and also still in the shed,landlord says he doesn''t have any way to get rid of it. It is the garbage from a previous tenant who apparently never got garbage service. To add to this, when I started vaccuuming in the "professionally cleaned" rooms there was a white film everywhere in and on my vaccuum. Also a very strong smell of insecticide or something, enough to make me nauseaus. come to find out, they had sprayed for something in the summer, today i found what I believe to be a roach, the place is filthy still not dirty,FILTHY what are my rights?
There are several issues here: Breach of Contract on the Landlord, Slum laws being broken, and Environmental Health issues. You have the right to void the contract and move out owing him nothing but he owing you your security deposit back. If he refuses to sign a statement freeing you from the lease agreeing not to pursue any further monetary claims against you, then you can take him to court for breach of contract, call the Environmental Health Department on hims as well as file a complaint in court for the filthy living conditions (for the breach of contract and filthy living conditions you can sue for monetary personal injury damages as well). If you wish to provide your city, county, or state I can provide you more details.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I am in Anoka County, city of Blaine, Minnesota

Contact the Environmental Health Department HERE to report the hazard of the garbage and roach infestation. To read more on Landlord Tenant laws, go HERE, HERE, and HERE. Also read HERE to understand more on taking him to Small Claims court for the Breach of Contract and for monetary damages.

HERE and HERE may also help.

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