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I was in a car accident when I was seven where my mom and ...

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I was in a car accident when I was seven where my mom and sister died and i was critically injured... right now i am 19 years old and i have been trying to get records on my settelment but they are sealed, my dad is my conservator and doesnt give me any information about it... how do I go about getting my sealed records


I would like to help you but I need more information.

Have you been receiving money from the settlement all along, with your father managing the money?

Are you supposed to get a lump sum when you get to a certain age?

What reason does your father give for not giving you any information?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
no i have not recieved any money at all... All of it is sitting in a bank. My dad wont tell me any thing about it Im not sure if i get a lump some and i am not sure about the age but my brother recieved some of his settlement, because he was involved in the accident, when he was about 19


You are an adult now, and have a right to the information which is about you and your money. Do you know for sure the records are sealed, or is it what your father is telling you? Anyway, Maricopa County is the Phoenix area, I think. You need to contact a lawyer in that county and tell him/her what is going on. Tell the lawyer that you need to hire someone to get the information for you and to get your settlement money, as well as an accounting of what has happened to the money so far.

There have been times, when people are supposed to get a settlement, and it gets mysteriously spent before they get it. I am not saying that happened with your settlement, but you need to have your own representation to find out. I think you will be able to find a lawyer that will work for you on a contingency, or at least take a small amount and you could pay the rest later.

This would not be difficult to look into, if there was a lawyer who has access to the court in Arizona. It may take a court order to unseal the file, if it is sealed.

I wish you the best of luck.

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