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My house is in the process of being foreclosed. I called ...

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My house is in the process of being foreclosed. I called one of those companies(vultures) that claim they can buy your house in 3 days. Long story short, after I agreed to a 10K payout for a house worth 190K I got to the lawyer's office to close and was advised that I was only getting 3k. A contract was already signed but they needed a power of attorney because my husbands name is XXXXX XXXXX title. He refused. And after they contacted him, he finally agreed, however, I found someone else to purchase the property for 149K. I contacted my soon to be ex and advised him not to sign any papers and advised him of the new potential buyer. So he didn't sign anything. After advising the vultures we no longer wanted to do business with them, a huge argument took place. Now the vultures who wants to purchase the property and give me a measly 3K are threatening lawsuit and to place a lean on the property. Can they do that? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Are there any Real Estate lawyers here?

Unless there was some provisions in the contract that required you to close for any reason then no they can not do that (they will of course threaten to sue to bully you). To stop them just call the Florida Department of Real Estate and report this company and their actions since what they are doing or have threatened to do violates the RE laws in Florida. Good luck and I hope you can come through with your new buyer.

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