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Purchased a 89 toyota supra turbo on line in Iowa.

Resolved Question:

Purchased a 89 toyota supra turbo on line in Iowa. Add stated"Transmission shifts as it should" . Made the transaction, drove the car away and noticed it took a long time to shift out of low. Was ok when warm. Changed Trans fluid, and no better. Took to a Trans. repair, and they said it wasn''t always going into 2nd either. They found that the cable from the engine to the Trans. was broke. They replaced the cable for $470.00 Had a mediator with e-bay intervene. Seller agreed to mediate, but afterwards would not respond to mediator, or my email. They made a written statement to mediator that they know the auto shifted slow then cold, but I shouldn''t expect a 20 yr old car to be perfect. I didn''t expect it to be perfect, nowever when they stated in their ad that the Trans. shifts as it should I felt that regardless of the age, the trans. should be as advertised.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Bill F. replied 9 years ago.

I would try to get ebay to cover the $470 under their guarantees since they have the mediation program and some of those programs have a warranty tied to it. Your other optiojn is to go online and file a small claims court suit in Iowa (I assume the car was bought in Iowa and you live there) and use the proof of the transaction from ebay, the records from the repair shop and the emails showing the failure of the seller to respond. If you can prove to a judge that the seller knew of the defect than yoiu can sue for fraudulant transaction and false advertising. Those are your only options but a suit might get the seller motivated to settle with you.

Good luck. If you have any other related questions please let me know. If you found this answer helpful please accept so I can continue to help others like you in the future. Thank you.


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