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I am the husband of a reciently deseased wife and a couple ...

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I am the husband of a reciently deseased wife and a couple of years ago she had her will revised to give her son all of her property, houses, checking, etc. She had the will revised due to us both going on a vacation and she was worried that if we were both killed in an accident no one would receive her estate. I do not know much about legal matters so I left it up to her to accomplish this. The will was not changed after we got back and she passed away about three months ago and now her son, my step son, is now refusing to let me have anything. I have no income and I am coming very close to losing everything due to a lack of income. She had about 8 houses that were in her name that we rented out and received financial income from. My stepson is refusing to assist me financially or otherwise. What recourse do I have in regards XXXXX XXXXX the houses, checking account, etc. I assisted in maintaining these houses for rent along with my deceased wife, the stepson was not in anyway involved

DearCustomer- The surviving spouse has a right to an elective share of the estate. I have provided the link to the Florida website so you can read the entire statute. I believe you will need to hire local counsel to protect your rights against the stepson as it sounds like he will not give up the property voluntarily.

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