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i just filed bankruptcy in August of 2007 and it has been ...

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i just filed bankruptcy in August of 2007 and it has been discharged at the end of November, I was in a car accident, which totaled my car. I needed a car and I thought that going through a dealership would improve my credit. I gave $500 down at day of signing, with a promisary that i would pay another $500, within the same month, which I did. I thought dealerships had to tell you if a car was in a accident or let you know that it is a safe vehicle. After pay the whole down payment I wanted to get the car checked out. I was shocked to see the damage on this car and cannot figure out why they would do this to me. There is about $600 dollars in damage. They made a quick fix and as soon as I started driving this there fix fell apart. It looks like someone hit the front of it headlights are dangling, front grill is missing a section and the check engine light came on two days after I got it. Tryed to give it back and they said it would go against my credit. Is there anything I can do?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Robin replied 9 years ago.
You need to check the lemon laws in your own state. Lemon laws deal with the problems we may face with buying used cars that may be less than perfect. There are also websites...I think Carmax may give people the ability to enter the VIN of a car and discover the history of the car.

If a lemon law says that a dealer is required to reveal car history and it did not and now there are the issues with the car due to its history...the dealership can be in trouble.