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At what age is a parent no longer legally responsible

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I would like to know if it is still true that when a child turns the age 18 that the parent is no longer legally responsible for that child. My daughter is 21, she is mentally and physically stable, and her boyfriend and his parents continue to say that I am still legally responsible for her, and myself and many others disagree. Please let me know so we can get this cleared up.

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In every state legally when a child turns 18, a parent is no longer financially responsible for the child.

Morally, we are all responsible for our children's well being and support.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to XXXXX XXXXX's Post: You stated financially, so that means that I am not legally responsible for her correct? I am always here for her and would help her at anytime, but the way they put it that when something goes wrong or she does something that its no ones responsibility but mine, and I disagree, she is considered an adult, am I right or wrong?

You are correct, you are not responsible for her actions.

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