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Child support after 18 years

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My son will be 18 years old in May of 2008. He lives with Legal Guardians for now, but will live with me when he graduates and turns 18. Technically my child support should end. Will it continue after 18 years old if he goes to college? Considering I have paid child support most of his life and he will live with me, will his mother now have to pay me child support and help pay for college and other related expenses? I live in Illinois

Hello and welcome to Just Answer !

It will depend on what the child support case said. If it said you must pay for college or any and all schooling then you will have top pay for it. If your wife was ordered to help it will also be her responsibility.

It depends a lot on the order. And if you owe any back support then you will be expected to finish it up.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The child support court order specifically states that I only pay child support and provide medical insurance until he is 18 years old. Nothing for the mother since she has always had custody. Standard law in illinois. I've heard in illinois child support continues after 18 years old if that child goes to college. The only difference is now he will live with me. Will this present court order just end? Also, can take her to court to ask her for child support?


Danny is unavailable to further assist you and has asked that I help.

Illinois law allows child support to continue though collage if A) The order specifies this or B) The order doesn't specify when support should terminate.

If your order specifies support ends at 18 then you will be permitted to terminate the support at 18 regardless of him going to collage. As far as getting support from mom for collage you have the right to petition the court for support during collage since he will be residing with you or you can petition the courts for her to pay 1/2 the collage expenses.

The judge will look at both of your incomes and determine if she can afford to pay for collage expenses. This is not always a given. If her income can support it the judge may order her to pay 1/2 the expenses. As far as getting child support it is a possibility but if she is ordered to pay 1/2 on collage the courts will likely not approve both requests.

If you have any other questions please let me know.


Walter, Legal Consultant
Category: Legal
Satisfied Customers: 11528
Experience: Specializing in all aspects of law including Family, Real Estate, Employment and Consumer Protection
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