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can wife sign one of my checks

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can my wife legally write out and sign one of the checks from my checking account with my permission. I am away from home and forgot to make a deposit.

If you have given your wife permission to sign the check then it is not illegal, however the bank has no obligation to endorse it when the receive it from the payee.

The Payee is the person who deposits the check in the bank.

The Drawer is the person who writes the check (your wife or yourself)

The Payer is the bank, who is paying on your behalf.

The Payer does not need to endorse or support a check drawn where there is a reasonable question of authenticity.

The illegality comes from the INTENT to commit fraud. When you give permission there is no fraud. If you do not give permission then there is fraud.

I hope that makes sense. Feel free to click ACCEPT to close the question if you have no follow up.

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