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Ed Johnson
Ed Johnson, International HR Consultant
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When does the statute of limitations time start to run in a

Customer Question

Issue: When lawsuit filed in a brech of contract case/bad faith for a business in Nevada

When does the statute of limitations time start to run in a breach of contract, bad faith case in Nevada?

1) The date of the alleged breach of contract that precedes the alleged bad faith action; or,
2) The date of the alleged bad faith action that was filed as a result of the breach, which is subsequent to the breach of contract.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Ed Johnson replied 10 years ago.


The statute starts to run from the moment of discovery. It is that discovery of a breach that starts the clock. The statute of limitations means that a person has to file action within the stated time period, 4 years for oral contracts and 6 years for written contracts.


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Is there any case law pertaining to businesses that may be a similar situation, such as a breach or bad faith?
Expert:  Ed Johnson replied 10 years ago.


It really is not a breach of bad faith. There is a condition called good faith bargaining, that was coined in federal statutes to describe the condition of albor contracts. However, because of the color of law, good faith bargaining can apply to any contract that was negotiated or entered into.

So you would have a lack of good faith bargaining or breech of contract.

a person can create a contract without the intention of carrying through with it, or that includes conditions which are impossible to meet, and that would be a breach of the concept of good faith bargaining.

Here are some sample cases for good faith bargaining and breech of contract.