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how do you get rid of a bench warrant and how long can ...

Resolved Question:

how do you get rid of a bench warrant and how long can they stay on your record? my daughter lives in florida and is involved in a legal battle with her ex husband who claims she didn't send the kidss for thanksgiving but in her legal papers the friends of the court stated that her ex-husband must send her thirty dollars to take the children to the airport if he wanted her to do so no money was sent so she figured he was picking them up in florida . when the kids didn't arrive he took her to court and in the pass all court cases were overthe phone. she hired a michigan lawyer , who told her not to come to mich. as it could be handled over court. because see caalled at court time instead of going to court the judge asked the ex-husband what he wanted and he stated he wanted a bench order for her arrest whuch the judge ordered
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  P-Leagle replied 10 years ago.

how do you get rid of a bench warrant and how long can they stay on your record?

A bench warrant literally means a person is summoned to appear before a judge (bench).

You state the judge ordered this, so the only real way to handle this is to appear. You can go to court and appear or follow the instructions if you have the warrant.

The way to get rid of the warrant is to also appear. It may or may not stay on your record depending on if a judge ruled a "failure to appear" (FTP) previously. FTPs will stay on your record, but are not against you normally unless future problems with the law occur.

The major problem you have is that if a any police officer, agent, etc, apprehends the person with a bench warrant, say like a vehicle stop, the officer can take that person into custody and force the person to appear before the 'bench." If this happens on a weekend, that might mean jail time.

Best thing to do in this situation is to "appear" the best way you know how, either by going to the county court, the police station, or as instructed on the warrant.

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