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CJShanna3, Private Investigator
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In the state of Nevada, is it illegal when on a webcam or

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OK, gross question I know...but I'm wondering. In the state of Nevada, is it illegal when on a webcam or posting videos or photos on a website, to commit an act of beastiality with a dog? I have seen these acts offered on websites, and I thought it was illegal in the U.S. Is participating in a sexual act with a dog, illegal in the state of Nevada?

Hello. Unfortunately, beastiality is legal in a few states, or at least, not strictly outlawed. In other states, penalties could be as light as a misdimeanor and fine or as severe a being labeled a sexual psychopath and felony charges. Now, the Internet is a whole other world. The laws vary greatly and depending on who is doing the prosecuting, some sites will never get shut down. I have pasted two websites for you to view. The first lists the states where it is legal/illegal as well as the penalties for each. The next one deals with the First Amendment in regard to Internet obsenity laws. The problem is that while federal laws do exist, they are hardly ever prosecuted. This could be because of loopholes that could prevent a person from being found guilty or the overwheming amount of obsenity on the web makes it virtually impossible to prosecute each and every one. Please view the websites below for further information. To answer your question at the bottom, where it states, "ALREADY TRIED", this is only a way of asking you what other methods you have used to attempt to get an answer to your question, this is it. I hope this answers your questions. --- CJShanna3


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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Hi CJ!

Thank you for answering my question. If figures beastiality is legal in Nevada...I guess nothing surprises me here, especialy in a town called Sin City. :(
LOL! I hate to say, I was hardly surprised either! Thanks so much for the bonus and feedback, that was very generous and kind of you. Please let me know if you ever need anything else and we be happy to help you. -- -CJShanna3