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How do I answer a Civil Summons in NC

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I have been served with a civil summons and do not know what to do next!

Hi and welcome

Does it call for 1. an appearance or 2. does it have an allegation or numbered paragaraphs with a series of allegations with a directive that you serve and file an answer within a certain time?


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Richard V. Licata's Post: 1 Serve your answer by delivering a copyor by mailing to him.
2 File the original of the written answer with clerk of superior Court for the relief demanded in the complaint.
30 days after receiving
If you want you can fax it to me and I'll help you answer it. Do you have a fax?
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
No I do not! Do you suggest I get a lawyer

If it is a small claims court action, I probably can walk you through it. If it is a higher court, you should get a lawyer. If you tell me what kind of case and the nearest large city in NC, I can get you a link to a list of lawyers who handle your kind of case.


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
This is a civil action against me for a debt I owe! The intrest rate went so high, I could not get anywhere paying it. I looked for help and got deeper in trouble as well as debt! I have 30 days to answer the complaint or the plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief demanded in the complaint. At this time a Judgment will be place upon me! The largest city around here is Charlotte, NC. I have to send a copy to the Clerk of Superior Court in my County

I can get the lawyer link. But before I you have any defenses to the action? How much is the suit for? Have you tried negotiating a settlement?


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
The debt is for $11,231.66. What do you mean defense? How can I negotiate! I am just a hard working female trying to get by, and I feel like I am sinking to the bottom of the sea! All I know is that I pray for this to be over!

I'm a spiritual man, but prayer goes just so far! I may be able to help you to the surface. This is not going to just go away. By defense I mean, are any of the charges inaccurate? If the amount is really the $11,231.66, how much is interest? Lawyers or collection agencies are usually willing to accept less than the full amount and/or take it over time in monthly payments. What can you afford? Any family or other resources to help you over this?


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Well when I took on this help for debt, they told me to stop making payments and to send a dispute letter about the amount I owed! They told me that by law the banks or debt collectors cold not accuire intrest, late fees or over the limit fees! Guess what they did until I stopped receiving statements.
The amount on 02/11/2006 was $8989.97. I never made another payment! The sad thing is I have two more accounts that have also been disputed. I would have to figure my financial situation, but roughly guessing We could maybe afford $250.00, and that would be doing without quite a bit!
My husband is very supportive, and he is in this with me to the end! With God's love and guidence, I know he will see me through! I know it will not go away, and I know God is very disappointed at me for even taking on this deed!

You need to call the lawyer and negotiate a settlement. You can't afford a lawyer to defend the suit and it doesn't sound like you have a defense anyway. You have to be strong and yet sound sympathetic at the same time. You can do this!


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