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age children can stay home alone in Idaho

Customer Question

can a 10 year old stay home for 2 hours unsupervised in the state of idaho and watch a 6 year old sibling by law
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Don replied 10 years ago.

Hello friend,

Thankyou for your question.

Idaho has no current law on children who are home alone.This means that a parent is accountable for any child at any age when left alone and something goes wrong.

It is neglect when a 10 yr old is used to watch a 6 yr old because a 10 yr old is not able to properly care for his or herself not to mention the younger child.

Idaho law says it is against the law to know of this neglect and not report it within 24 hours. You will want to call the police when you know this is going on.

Here is a link for your local Social Services should you want to discuss this with them.

Let me know if you've questions.