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How do I beat a restraining order when falsely accused and ...

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How do I beat a restraining order when falsely accused and misleading info given to the magistrate in Denver Co? Is it good to have evidence that is contrary to the accuser's claim and to have noterized documents from friends about my character?
It's even better to have the friends show up for the hearing on the permanent order. You fight the order simply by putting in suffiicent evidence to establish that the allegations are not true and an order of protection is not needed.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Do emails constitute emotional harm if their is nothing that can be construed as emotional. General things are talked about and their email address was sent out as a reply from an email sent regardless of subject matter? Basically I have not had contact with the plantiff for 11 months except for minor meetings unplanned and I stayed away.Thanx Patti..... Something God put on my heart last night. God when your ready, take me. What an awesome God we serve. With all that is happening in the world and the assault that the church is taking, God loves us so much, that we are still here. I mean say God came up to all of us and said, "I'm taking you all Jan. 1, 2008." We would be happy but we would be counting down the days and getting everything ready and then life on this earth would stop. Now I want God to take me now. I think of what the Apostle Paul said about that he would rather be with Christ in heaven but he knew that he still had a purpose on earth to fulfill. I want to go now, but I am thankful that I am still here so that I can love my wife and new baby girl Hayley. That I have softball coming up and can't wait to be with my teammates again (of course driving them crazy and never shutting up). Waiting to hear Pastor Dave's sermons or whoever's church we are at that Sunday. Looking forward to what is in the future for Hayley (School, friends, sports, boys [ugh!!!!). God, I ready, take me now. But he allows me to still be here. Having you all as friends and trying to make up for hurts that I may have caused. I am in awe of the grace and Love that we have through Jesus Christ. Jesus second coming may be tomorrow, weeks away or hundreds of years away. My life is better for what Christ has done for me and the blessings he has given all of us. I look forward for tomorrow's and the future but God you can take me today.

May God Bless you and thank you for letting me share my heart.
Love your fellow servant in Christ
Phillipians 1:6 and Phillipians 4:
This is the email that I am being held under. I did promice that I wouldn't contact them but this email went out on a mass email to 30-40 people, they just happened to be in there.
Thank you
I think few Judges are going to find that email threatening.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Last question, my wife is a notery. And the 1st question was about friends showing up. It's in the afternoon about 1:30 and people have jobs and families to support, can i get sworn testimony and have my wife noterize it or is that a conflict of interst and the statements to my defense would be then thrown out? Do my friends have to get a non participating notery to have their statements brought into evidence on my behalf? Because if I can use my wife I will go home to home and get my friends staements that can clear my name.
I would have someone else other than my wife notarize my own statement, but she would be free to notarize the statements of anyone else. Please remember to ACCEPT any answers you found helpful so your expert here at JustAnswer can be compensated for their efforts.
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Thank you and I appreciate the help, I wish I could let you know the outcome but I thank you and God bless you and your practice.
Just post the outcome here once known. Best wishes.