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My mother is on Title 19. Can you please explain to me how

Resolved Question:

My mother is on Title 19. Can you please explain to me how the process takes place? From what I understand, that when she dies, her house and contents will be taken and I will not inherit an estate. How long do I have before this takes place? I know there are belongings she wants me to have.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  JurisD7603 replied 10 years ago.


I found a great link that answers many of your questions concerning Title 19 and what she can keep and give away and how it is affected.

See the following link:

It covers the following topics:

About this article...
What is Medicaid or Title 19?
What assets can I have and still qualify for Medicaid to pay for my nursing home care?
What about my house?
If I am married and need to go to a nursing facility, may my spouse at home keep any of our savings or other assets?
Can I transfer or give away my assets or property?
What happens to my monthly income if I am in a nursing home?
How may my spouse at home get more of my income?
Does my spouse have to pay for my nursing home care from his or her income?
How do I apply for Medicaid?

This should answer your question.


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to JurisD7603's Post: At first I thought you answered this but after reading the document, I still have questions. I found this information quite interesting even tho it is for Connecticutt but will keep it in mind for future reference regarding nursing home care. My mother is not in a nursing home, therefore, I do not think that my question has been answered. Maybe you can clarify if this pertains to my situation or not; if so how? Thanks for your time.
Expert:  JurisD7603 replied 10 years ago.


HEre is a link that deals directly with Iowa Title 19 and it is from the Iowa Department of Human Services. It also states on their page that if you have questions you can call them.


For further links to more information go to Yahoo or any other search engine and type in Iowa Title 19.

JurisD7603 and other Legal Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Sigh . . . I am familiar with the link and it seems every time I try to call, I just get the runaround and no one really tells me Yes or No answers. It has been frustrating. Thanks for trying.
Expert:  JurisD7603 replied 10 years ago.


I think your best bet is to keep trying to call them. My secondr suggestion would be to call a lawyer in your area who deals speciifically with this area of law and go in for a free consultation. It is difficult to do more than point you in the right direction unless one specializes in this area of law. Alot of what we answer on here is more general information and is not intended to legally solve a particular problem but to lead people to the resources they need in order to find the right person who can help them.

Good luck.