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how to file a congressional complaint

Customer Question

officer in navy stopped paying child support and is hiding behind sailors and service men's is going on 2 years now.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Ralph replied 10 years ago.
The answer to your question lies in the type of complaint you are trying to lodge or file. If by congressional complaint you mean you wish to bring to your local congressperson's attention you would contact their office directly. You would contact your local congressperson as well as either one or both of your Senate representatives. But starting from the beginning child support must be first established by obtaining an Order in a state court. Enforcement of this Order is also usually enforced through the State Court. If you have the Order you would then contact the military to have that person's wage garnished. The exact process would be detailed by the military. If the military refuses to obey the Order of a State Court this would be an appropriate issue to draw the attention of both your State and Local Representative.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Ralph's Post: We divorced in Florida in 1988. In Florida no child support obligation after 18 years of age.

There is a court order that was modified in Missouri in 1993. In missouri must pay til 21 yrs. as long as child is full time in college, etc.

He stopped paying child support on her 18th birthday.

I filed lawsuit.

She will be 20 in December and graduating with honors in May 2007.
Expert:  Ralph replied 10 years ago.
Congrats on your daughter's achievement. If you are successful in your action in Missouri you can obtain a judgment which you will be able to enforce in any state in United States. Even if Florida does not have support after the age of 18, if Missouri has jurisdiction over your daughter's case, a judgment against him would be enforceable there. However, it might be costly trying to enforce it there. Once a judgment has been obtained you can begin collection proceedings anywhere he has personal assets. This would be above and beyond any collection efforts with the Navy.