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how long does it take to get an uncontested divorce in mississippi

Customer Question

how long will it take me to get an uncontested divorce in mississippi?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Don replied 11 years ago.

DearCustomerthankyou for your question.

An uncontested agreement is typically faster and cheaper than a contested divorce.

The time element can vary depending on how busy the courts are and if everything is done correctly by you. There's just not a "specific" time element guaranteed that I know of.

You may want to call your City Clerk in the town you live in and ask how long uncontested divorces generally take.Every city is different in their work loads and ability to process.

Mississippi will provide a mediator should you run into any issues so that agreements can be reached.

If an agreement is reached between the parties they proceed to the court for an uncontested divorce.

The petitioner attends the court on the appointed day.The spouse may also attend but is not required to be there-and testifies as to the matters set in Petition for Dissolution of marriage and about any agreements already in place.

If the judge finds everything in order he or she will either sign a Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage immediately or set a new date for you to return for the judgement.

This means you do not go to "trial" as you would for a contested divorce.

Here is a website which will help you through it at a very reasonable price.Mississippi Divorce Forms | Divorce Law |

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