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What are the dangers of being a lineman in the ...

Customer Question

What are the dangers of being a lineman in the army,stationed in Germany working with explosives and heavy eqipment that had came back from being used in Vietnam? In around about 1967 thru the 70s?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Dr.Diana replied 11 years ago.

Actually, as a former Army Veteran of a Transportaion/Maintenence Unit I can tell you that equipment and supplies are routinely still used that sometimes date back earlier than Vietnam...back to WWII. Just as routinely, these equipment & supplies have been better maintained and are in better condition than most newer cars on our highways and roads today.

As far as explosives go...danger is always present although, the US Army IS the best trained army in the world and our trained ordinance specialists rarely if ever let unstable explosives slip back into the supply chain. Of-course there is danger in being in the being a lineman with such a duty station...and accidents do occassionally happen in all branches of the military and under all types of situations...but his situation does not sound especially hazardous from my experience.

I hope this info eases your mind some. Ask for me again anytime.

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Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Dr.Diana's Post: in danger i meant contaminations was the machinery contaminated with agent orange or what other cotaminates
Expert:  Dr.Diana replied 11 years ago.

I thought you might be thinking of agent orange or some other horrible chemical that was used during that time frame but NO....

That's one thing I was trying to cover by saying "better maintained and in better condition..." above.

Decontamination of troops, equipment, supplies, explosives, etc has been of the utmost priority in the militarty since the late '70s. All troops are trained in decontamination procedure and specialists ensure that equipment, supplies, etc within the supply chain today are safe.

Also keepin mind that Agent Orange was a de-foliant that acted upon organics only. It could contanimate skin, clothing, tarps, etc...but could NOT leave a lasting residual on equipment, metals, or other such solids.

Again, I can personally attest to the relative safety of handeling Vietnam Era equipment and supplies and as a Vietnam Veterans Association associate member, I can also tell you that I am not aware of any recent outbreaks among our troops of Agent Orange related disorders.

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