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how long does it take mail to get from massachusetts to florida

Customer Question

how many days does it take for a piece of mail to travel from massachusetts to florida?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  jflaker replied 11 years ago.
This question depends on a few variables

The best way to get quick delivery is to print your envelope and include the PostNET barcode along with the FIM bars (this is in WORD under Tools, Letters and mailing, envelopes and labels ).

A hand written envelope, unless written exceptionally well (not possible) for the computer to read the address, must be manually coded (postnet) and could take a few days before that gets done by a human data entry operator and placed back through the automatic mail sorter. Where a computer printed envelope with a FIM bar and POSTNET barcode will zip through the system and arrive in 2-4 days from the time your drop it into the mailbox (allowing an extra day for pickup). I've tested this theory a few years ago and found that there was about a 3 day difference from the same maildrop.