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can the police look into my banking accounts without my knowledge

Resolved Question:

in 2003 I was a little league coach. One of the families were writting bad checks. I received a subpoena today that I must appear in court. I am assuming charges had been brought against this family. Could the police have looked into my banking accounts to see if I had deposited bad checks? if I call my bank would they be able to tell me if any of my accounts had been looked into. This took place 2 years ago I don't really want to get involved in any legal matters.
Submitted: 12 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Martye replied 12 years ago.
Yes, the police can look into your bank account to see if any bad
checks were deposited!! It is only part of a criminal investigation
against the check writers, not YOU! They will (probably) ask if you
recieved a check from these people and then whether the check was
"good" or "not".. This would end your testimony!!! All they (the
police) are looking for are people that had "bad" checks written to
them by these "people" in order to show a "pattern" of bad check
writing!! The bank can probably not tell you one way or the other, as
it is part of a legal proceeding. If (by chance) you have any
"skeletons" in your account, they are not prosecuteable under this

If you were supoenead, you have no choice but to "participate" in the proceedings Best wishes..Martye

I hope this answered your questions. If it did, kindly click the
"accept" button to reward my efforts. If it did not, let me know how I
can assist you further.



Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Martye's Post: Marty If I called my bank I live in a very small town and know all the bank tellers would it show up that my account had been looked into. And thankfully I have no skeletons in my banking history. Thanks
Expert:  The Mystic Wave replied 12 years ago.


The proper legal method is to notify you by letter or by way of subpoena that the records are being sought. If you did not receive such legal notification, chances are they did not do so. Yes, you can contact your bank. Ask to speak to a representative in their legal department.

I hope this helped. If you wish for further information, or, IF YOU FEEL I DID NOT ANSWER YOUR QUESTION, please let me know, so that I can assist you further.

Thank you.

Bright Blessings.

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The Mystic Wave

Information provided herein is based on my 30 years experience as a legal secretary/paralegal in the State of California, with experience and knowledge in the State of Nevada, only. This information is not intended to substitute for informed professional legal advice from a practicing, licensed attorney.

The Mystic Wave, Paralegal
Category: Legal
Satisfied Customers: 427
Experience: 30 yrs. exp. in the legal profession. Specializing in Personal Injury, Criminal, Civil & more.
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